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MAYOR’S REPORT 03/26/2020

The town of Phillipsburg has been proactive and ahead of the curve through this difficult time dealing with the coronavirus.

We continue to work together and move our town forward with the day to day operations with our essential staff. We want you to know that we are here to help and serve in any way we can at this crucial time.

We have taken measures to protect public safety, our staff and to keep our town safe and clean and to make sure that everyone in the community is taken care of. At times it’s been very challenging, but we will all get through this.

I would like to thank our Police Dept., OEM’s, Fire Dept., DPW workers, town council and employees for working together now and in the future to make Phillipsburg better than ever.

I urge everyone to think positive and continue to follow the guidelines set by our Federal and State Governments. Stay safe and stay home. God Bless everyone

Todd M. Tersigni
Mayor of Phillipsburg

MARCH  13, 2020

To All the Residents of Phillipsburg:

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and public safety, the Town of Phillipsburg is taking preemptive measures to ensure that government services continue to operate.

Starting Monday, March 16, until further notice Phillipsburg Municipal Building will be inaccessible to visitors. Municipal employees will be available via phone and email to assist residents. All Town business can be transacted via telephone, drop box, email, online, or mail. All pertinent contact information for Town staff and departments can be found on the Town website ( While this may be a temporary inconvenience, we ask for your patience and cooperation.

The Town is also reviewing the potential postponement of public board meetings. Many of the sporting events have been cancelled or postponed, the Senior Center is closing for a week and the Boy Scouts spaghetti dinner fundraiser has been postponed, St. Patrick’s Day luncheon has also been postponed.

We expect this to continue for the coming weeks, and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on our website through Phillipsburg email blasts.

I am in close contact with Dr. Troxell, St. Luke’s Administrators and Freeholder Kern. Our OEM office and staff has discussed safety measure to ensure the safety of our residents and employees.

We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we need to have your understanding and cooperation. We had a conference call with Congressman Malinowski’s office yesterday along, with many other municipalities. The State of NJ is working on a plan, passing some new legislation to help everyone during this time to get the medical attention needed. Waiving Co-Pays, or medical costs, allowing time off from work to care for a family member or for yourself without being penalized for using sick time. The Congressman is working on making snacks available to children who receive free/reduced lunches if their school must close. We are awaiting directives from the Congressman’s office.

If each of us follows basic care:

Stays home when we are sick, except to seek Medical care

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Clean and disinfect frequently

Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – for children have them sing the alphabet song.

Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue throw in the trash immediately, wash hands

If soap is not available use alcohol – based sanitizer.

The symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, which may occur two days to two weeks after being exposed. If you have questions you can call the Warren County Health Department at 908-475-7960.

Todd M. Tersigni, Mayor of Phillipsburg





This is my third Mayor’s report and I am proud to report to accomplishments that have been achieved so far.

First, I have received several phone calls and have seen many posts on social media about the library, squad and fire department closing. These rumors are not true. I am a trustee of the library and an honorary member of the Phillipsburg Emergency Squad and have no intentions of closing them down. Whoever is spreading the rumors, it needs to stop now.

The war on garbage continues by working together. We have cleaned up approximately 100 plus properties in 30 days. Again, kudos to our dedicated DPW workers and inspections for their work and cooperation to achieve a cleaner town.

Last week Council President Piazza, Councilman Wyant, Town Attorney Rich Wenner and I met with the partners of Bridge Development for updates on the progress of the IR project. They stated they have a letter of intent to sign a lease with a major distributing beverage company to be named later. I would like to thank all involved with this project dating back to 2012. History continues in the making for jobs and prosperity for Phillipsburg and our residents.

I met with Dr. Troxell at the Phillipsburg High School to extend our lease with the Freeman school and the Andover Morris building until at least September 2021. Dr. Troxell will recommend doing this at the next school board meeting. Thank you Dr. Troxell for your full cooperation to work with the Town of Phillipsburg.

I also met with Freeholder James Kern III to help with transportation to Shoprite. He stated there is money in Warren County’s budget to transport residents back and forth to tackle the problem. Thank you, Freeholder Kern for working together with the town of Phillipsburg

The Mayor’s Office has decided with full cooperation of council to paint our recreation buildings garnet and gray. We will also be painting yellow on the blind spot curbs throughout the town. We are planning this for early spring.

Specs have been done for the demolition of 145-147 Mercer St. This is ready to go out for bids.

VanCleef Engineering has been instructed to work with Kevin Duddy and Warren County for the demolition of the Icehouse.

We met with the town Engineer about stormwater management plans and he will be making a presentation to council and residents soon.

Tomorrow, Mayor Sal Panto asked to meet with me to discuss inspection issues and other programs that may benefit our town.

Finally, I will be having frequent updates from Chief Stettner for a full and transparent Government.

Thank you everyone for the honor of allowing me to be your Mayor in The Town of Phillipsburg.

Respectfully Submitted,
Todd M. Tersigni
Mayor of Phillipsburg


JANUARY 21, 2020

This is my second Mayor’s report and I have positive information to report tonight.


First, I would like to say that we continue to clean up Phillipsburg. Seventy plus properties have been cleaned up. We are all getting positive remarks from many residents through Face Book, text messages and e-mails. Positive re-enforcement will drive me in a positive mode to continue the war on garbage.


Second: I want to propose to council a property management company ordinance for absentee landlords, bank owned properties, unoccupied properties etc. that live more than 10 miles away from Phillipsburg. This will give our residents a better quality of life and for the betterment of Phillipsburg. It will also make absentee landlords pay a management co. to control vermin and other problems that may occur. This will make landlords accountable for issues we face now. I need cooperation for inspections and my future property management inspector. I must say inspections are complying with the Mayor. I met with Mayor Sal Panto before I was sworn in that this is a solution for a better quality of life. We did not just shake hands, eat lunch and have a photo op. We both agreed on many things, but most of all we will work together.


Third: Last week Counsel President Piazza, Councilman Wyant and Engineer Shrek discussed a comprehensive road surfacing program. The roads that need surfacing must have sewer inspections before this can happen. I believe the bidding for this project goes out March 3rd. We must do this first because we can not dig up our new surfaces once they are in place and waste tax payer’s money.


Fourth: The Firthtown Falcons will be saved. My Grandfather was one of the founders of this great organization, John R Coyle and Master sergeant in WW2 would be overjoyed. I wrestled and played baseball for Firthtown since 1969 share the same feelings and emotions. They are now under the towns umbrella. Town attorney Richard Wenner along with CFO Bob Merlo, Councilman Robert Fulper and Council President Randy Piazza all must be commended by working together and under the direction of our two new Coordinators, Matthew Scerbo and Darren Bodough we will make Firthtown a success. I believe all the people just mentioned truly care about the children and this youth organization now and for generations to come. They will work with the recreation director and under my direction, the Mayor.


Fifth: Tonight, will begin the clean space campaign and potential redevelopment process for unfixable properties.

  1. 85 Lewis St
  2. 147-149 Mercer St (Fire Properties)
  3.  Ice House
  4. Mayor Todd Tersigni
  5. In my closing, I want to thank you all again for allowing me the honor and privilege to be your Mayor of Phillipsburg.
  6. This Mayor and Council are working together, and the proof is all there.
  7. These properties in my opinion need to be eliminate. I will target many other properties, I promise you that and we all know which ones they are


This is my fourth Mayor’s report and new changes are happening within the town.

As promised, they will be placing lids on the blue tank at the sewer plant. They will be using stronger deodorizers to help eliminate the odor to give our residents a better quality of life. Also, after meeting with our Engineers, more lids will be place on the digesters to eliminate up to 75% of the odor which causes the biggest part of the problems.

The budget process is done. Last year the budget was presented with a 3-cent increase to council. Since working before I was sworn in, I presented this administration a 0.016 cent increase. Thank you to our CFO, Robert Merlo for you hard work and working together to achieve our goal.

I will request a demolition of 85 Lewis St. This was one of the buildings that was proposed during my campaign. This property is unstable and a danger to our citizens in the area. Town inspector, Kevin Duddy agrees 150% that this needs to come down. Promises made, promises kept.

I met with Chief Stettner and Capt. Swick to expand our video surveillance camera system. This will improve and expand the safety of our citizens and businesses alike as promised. This was started in 2012 when there was need after the homicide situation at the BP gas station.
Promises made, promises kept.

The working environment of the town workers is productive and full of positive reinforcement. This administration is working together in peace and harmony.

Respectfully Submitted,
Todd M. Tersigni
Mayor of Phillipsburg

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