Mosquito Treatment – August 15

The Warren County Mosquito Control Commission is planning an area wide mosquito treatment in the Town of Phillipsburg and a section of Pohatcong Township starting after 10 pm Wednesday night (August 15, 2018) and ending before 3 am Thursday morning (August 16, 2018) weather permitting.  This application is in response to a high number of invasive mosquitoes and West Nile virus activity.



Heckman St., Bates St., Lennon Aly, Railroad Ave., Colby Pl., Filmore St., Hudson St., Schultz Ave., Glen Ave., Summit Ave., Raymond St., Mitchell Aly, Chambers St., Bullman St., Harris St., Washington St., Elizabeth St., Market St., Stryker St., Stockton St., Howard St., Cherry Aly, McKeen St., S.Main St., Abbot St, Pursel Street, Warren St., Firth St., Meyner Rd., Cahill St., Lynn Rd.

Sussex St., Salem Aly, New Jersey Ave., County Route 519 (St. James Ave/New Brunswick Ave.)Victory Ave.

The trucks may not travel down every street/road/alley

Two small pickup trucks with mounted sprayers will be used.  The trucks are clearly marked as Mosquito Commission vehicles and will use yellow flashing lights.  The trucks will travel down various streets in the Town of Phillipsburg and Pohatcong Township.  For more detailed information please check our website at

While the products used have very low toxicity, in order to minimize exposure, residents should remain indoors and close windows during the application time.  Air conditioners can remain on and running. Bring pets indoors when possible and cover pet dishes.

For more information visit or call 908-453-3585 during regular business hours.

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