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675 Corliss Ave –  Phillipsburg NJ, 08865


The Town of Phillipsburg (hereinafter, the “Town”) is soliciting competitive proposals from qualified municipal auditing firms that are interested in providing general municipal auditing services for the year ending December 31, 2017. The scope of work consists primarily of preparation of the yearly audit. A more detailed explanation of the contractual obligations will be provided below. Qualified bidders must possess the necessary certifications to practice as a Registered Municipal Accountant in the State of New Jersey. The firm shall have at least five (5) years of experience as a municipal auditor in the State of NJ and must demonstrate a high degree of knowledge of the following:


  1. The rules and regulations for municipal finance administration as promulgated by the Department of Community Affairs – Division of Local Government Services b) NJ State Financial Statutes including but not limited to:
    1. NJSA 40A: 11 (Local Public Contracts Law).
    2. NJSA 40A: 4 (Local Budget Law)
    3. NJSA 40A: 2 (Local Bond Law)
    4. NJSA 40A: 9-22.1 (Government Ethics Law) c) All other financial matters pertaining to municipal operations including budgets, assessments, audit controls, debt service, trust funds, escrow accounts, and utility budgeting.
  2. All bidders are required to comply with and provide supporting documentation for the following:
    1. NJSA 10:5-3 et. seq., NJAC 17:27 (Affirmative Action)
    2. 42 U.S.C. S121 01 et. Seq. (Americans with Disabilities Act)
    3. L. 2004 C. 57 (Proof Of Business Registration)
    4. L. 1977, C. 33 (Stockholder Disclosure Statement)
    5. NJSA 19:44A-20.5 (Pay to Play)

In addition to the above documentation, all bidders are required to submit a Non-Collusion Affidavit with the proposal. Additionally, bidders are permitted to use their own forms to demonstrate compliance with these requirements.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: One original paper copy clearly marked as “ORIGINAL” plus six (6) full, complete, and exact paper copies of the proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Municipal Clerk, 675 Corliss Ave, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 & bidder’s name and address and type of bid shall be clearly marked on the envelope. Proposals shall be submitted as a “Lump Sum Fee” based on the Scope of Services requested. There is no specific proposal form required; therefore, bidders may submit their proposal in letter form or any similar method.

MANDATORY CONTENTS OF PROPOSAL: In its proposal, the firm must include the following:

  1. Contact Information: Provide the name and address of the firm, the name, telephone number, fax number, & e-mail address of the individual responsible for the preparation of the proposal.
  2. A fee proposal for completion of the tasks outlined in the Scope of Services. Please note that the Town of Phillipsburg reserves the right to award a contract for any or all of the above tasks as determined to be in the best interests of the Town.
  3. An executive summary of not more than three (3) pages identifying and substantiating why the vendor is best qualified to provide the requested services.
  4. A staffing plan listing those persons who will be assigned to the engagement if the vendor is selected, including the designation of the person who would be the vendor’s officer responsible for all services required under the engagement. This portion of the proposal should include the relevant resume information for the individuals who will be assigned. This information should include, at a minimum, a description of the person’s relevant professional experience, years and type of experience, and number of years with the vendor.
  5. A description of the vendor’s experience in performing services of the type described in this RFP. Specifically identify client size and specific examples of similarities with the scope of services required under this RFP.
  6. A description of resources of the vendor (i.e. background, location, experience, staff resources, financial resources, other resources, etc.)
  7. The location of the office, if other than the vendor’s main office, at which the vendor proposes to perform services required under this RFP. Describe your presence in New Jersey.
  8. A copy of the firm’s Business Registration Certificate in accordance with NJSA 52:32- 44.
  9. Provide references including the contact names, titles, and phone numbers.
  10. In its proposal, the vendor must identify any existing or potential conflicts of interest, and disclose any representation of parties or other relationships that might be considered a conflict of interest with regard to this engagement, or the Town.


All questions concerning this RFP should be directed to: Sherry Corcoran, Confidential Secretary to the Mayor – (908) 454-5500


INTERVIEW: The Town reserves the right to interview any or all of the applicants submitting a proposal. Although interviews may take place, the proposal should be comprehensive and complete on its face. The Town reserves the right to request clarifying information subsequent to submission of the proposal.

SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: All proposals must be received by the Town Clerk no later than 2:00 P.M. on March 17, 2017.

TERM OF CONTRACT: The contract shall commence upon award and contract execution and expire at such time as all components listed in the Scope of Services have been submitted to and accepted by The Town.

REFERENCES: All bidders shall submit a list of references indicating New Jersey clients with similar types/sizes of annual budget requirements.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Upon execution of a contract with the Town, the successful bidder shall provide at its own cost and expense proof of the following insurance to the Town:

  1. Workers Compensation – Statutory – in compliance with the Compensation Law of the State of New Jersey
  2. General Liability – With a minimum combined single limit of liability per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage of one million ($1,000,000) dollars with a minimum annual aggregate of two million ($2,000,000) dollars.
  3. Professional/Errors & Omissions – a minimum limit of liability of one million ($1,000,000) dollars per incident and in the annual aggregate.

Failure by the AUDITOR to supply written evidence of the insurance coverages listed above upon execution of the contract shall result in default of the contract.

The insurance companies for the above coverages must be licensed by the State of New Jersey and acceptable to the Town. The AUDITOR shall take no action to cancel or materially change any of the insurance required under this Agreement without the Town’s prior approval. The maintenance of insurance under this section shall not relieve the AUDITOR of any liability greater than the insurance coverage.



  1. Preparation of Audit of Year-end Financial Statements. All statements shall be presented to conform to the statutory basis of accounting required for New Jersey municipalities by the Division of Local Government Services. The audit shall include schedules of expenditures of Federal and State awards and all supplemental information and schedules required by the New Jersey Division of Local Government Services. The audit will also include the Sewer Utility Fund as well as an audit of the Lower Income Assistance Program – Section 8 Modern Rehabilitation Grant.
  2. Assistance in the preparation of the 2017 Budget document for submission to the New Jersey Division of Local Government Services.
  3. Attendance at Town Budget Hearing and Committee meetings, as required.


GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: It is expected that the Municipal Auditor will work closely and communicate regularly with the appropriate town personnel when performing all aspects of the required Scope of Services. All requirements detailed in the RFP will be incorporated and made part of the contract between the Town and the Municipal Auditor. In addition to the Scope of Services, the lump sum fee proposal should be inclusive of all phone calls, meetings, correspondence, copying fees and all other incidental costs generally associated with the normal performance of duties of a Municipal Auditor. Any additional work not covered by the RFP will require the approval of the governing body of the Town before said work is performed.


Details regarding the Town of Phillipsburg’s financial information can be obtained on the town website at www.phillipsburgnj.org or by contacting: Robert J. Merlo, Chief Financial Officer @ 908 454 5500.


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