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Animal Control Officer – Michelle Crosson
(610) 721-0762

The Town of Phillipsburg has an Animal Control Officer who is available to pick up injured and stray animals by contacting the Police Department at (908) 454-1121.

The town maintains its own animal shelter which is under the supervision of the Animal Control Officer. Hours of operation are by appointment only.

If you would like to meet any of our adoptable pets, please call (610)721-0762 to schedule an appointment.


Animal Control Year Ending Update 2017

Dogs picked up by animal control/PD-147                                                   Cats picked up by animal control/PD111

85%  of dogs claimed                                                                                   less than 1% of cats claimed

less  than 1% adopted or moved to a rescue/shelter                                    37% of cats adopted or moved to a rescue

less than 1% euthanized due to trauma/illness/aggression                          25%  of cats euthanized due to trauma/illness

less than 1% deceased                                                                                 21% of cats deceased

  •                                                                                                       less than 1% of cats died/released or still available


Lets take a look at what we can do to help. Please keep your cats from roaming the neighborhood as per Phillipsburg code 172-41. This will help with the amount of injured or deceased cats and also help with the nuisance stray cat problem.  Keep dogs secure in yards and/or on leashes when outside as per Phillipsburg Code 172-31. Teach kids and alert visitors to watch out for your family pets when exiting the house or yards. Please license your dogs and cats as per Phillipsburg Code 172-14 and 172-38. Spay/neuter your pet to prevent the running instinct. Together we can make a difference for our pets!!!


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