Section 8

Phillipsburg Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Phillipsburg Section 8 HCV Programs primary objective is to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing with the cooperation of owners and/or property managers within the municipality of the Town of Phillipsburg.

The Section 8 Program is a rental assistance program where the tenant is to pay 30% of their income toward rental payments. Clients are selected from the waiting list and are screened for eligibility. The eligibility criteria are determined by their income and a criminal background check. Once they pass the eligibility requirements, if a voucher is available, a voucher will be issued according to the household composition, given a detailed briefing and a Request for Tenancy Approval.

All rental properties must have a current Certificate of Habitability as per Chapter 219-1 of the Town’s Ordinance and must be registered under the Rental Registration Program of the Town of Phillipsburg as per Chapter 464-4 of the Town’s Ordinance. Property owners may contact the Inspections Department for further information.

Applying for the Housing Choice Voucher Program:

The Section 8 HCV  is NOW CLOSED and no longer accepting applications.:


WHEN:  Pre-applications will no longer be accepted.  The enrollment period ended at 4:30 pm on Thursday, March 9, 2017.  Pre-applications will be included in a lottery process to determine 300 applications.  Applicants do not need to rush to apply as this waiting list is NOT on a first-come, first-served basis. The waiting list preference is Town of Phillipsburg residents.

HOW:   Pre-applications must be submitted online by clicking the following link:  Pre-applications can only be made online by using a personal computer, laptop, smartphone and/or tablet with internet access.  Due to the lottery process submission of an application does not guarantee placement on the waiting list.  Only one pre-application per household will be accepted, duplicate pre-applications will be rejected.  Paper applications WILL NOT BE distributed or accepted at this Agency’s office.

INFORMATION REQUIRED:  Names, social security numbers, birth dates and income information for individuals living in the household.  An email address is required.  If you do not have one the application process will allow you to create one.   If you need assistance in another language, Google Translate will assist you during the pre-application process.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Please visit or call 1-866-220-3246 after March 3, 2017 to obtain verification if you were selected for the waiting list.  Those who were selected will show a status of “ACTIVE”.  Those who were not selected will show a status of “INACTIVE”.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Applicants who have been placed on the waiting list must inform this office in writing only immediately if your application information changes, such as contact information, income or household members.  If this office sends a notice that is not returned or if the application information is out of date, your name may be terminated from the waiting list.

If you have further questions, please click the FAQ’s tab.


Q:  I do not have an email address.  How do I submit my application?

A:  You will have to create an email address and a link to a free email service is provided from the application.

Q:  Do I need to enter both my email address and phone number?

A:  No, you can use either the email address or phone number for your User ID.  If you decide to enter both, the email address will be your User ID.

Q:  What happens if I forget my password?

A:  On the home page for you will click the “Forgot Password” link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Q:  What information will I need to complete the application?

A:  To fill out the application you will need the names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for all members in your household.  You will also need to list all income received by all members in the household.

Q:  I was on the website and started to complete the application and I lost the internet connection, how do I go back in?

A:  You will need to re-complete the application from the beginning if you did not receive a confirmation number.

Q:  I do not have own a computer or have internet access, how do I apply?

A:  You can use a friend or family member’s computer/device or one at a local library.

Q:  The website is not working, what do I do?

A:  There will be periods in which the website is overloaded causing it to crash for a period of time, if the website is down, it will be back up to accept pre-applications.

Q:  What are the income limits to be eligible?

A:  To qualify, annual gross household income cannot exceed the following:

1 Person: $29,400     2 Persons: $33,600      3 Persons: $37,800       4 Persons: $41,950     5 Persons: $45,350                  6 Persons: $48,700       7 Persons: $52,050   and     8 Persons:  $55,400  *Income limits are subject to change as HUD routinely adjusts income limits on an annual basis*

Q:  How do I check the status of my application?

A:  When the waiting list closes on March 3, 2017 at 4:30 pm, we will collect all applications that were submitted and a lottery will be performed.  When the lottery is complete we will post the status information to  You will need your User ID and password or you can call 1-866-220-3246.

Q:  What does ACTIVE status mean?

A:  An ACTIVE status means you have been selected for the lottery/waiting list.

Q:  What does INACTIVE status mean?

A:  An INACTIVE status means you have not been selected for the lottery/waiting list.


**Portability:  Please be advised that our Agency is NOT absorbing vouchers at this time

**For current Phillipsburg Section 8 HCV participants Only:  In order to protect your privacy the following policies must be followed:  Changes in your income must be reported on the yellow Income Change Request form along with the proper documentation. These forms are available on the counter outside of our office, as well as envelopes. No verbal reporting is accepted. Any documentation submitted to our office must be in a sealed envelope with your case workers name on it.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m – 12:30 p.m. and 1:30p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information:   

Phone:  (908) 454-5500, extensions 342 or 343
Fax: (908) 213-9214
Email: or

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