Shade Tree Commission

Shade Tree Commission Board Members:     IMG_0032

  • Michael Muckle
  • Secretary – none, please call the Clerks Office

54A-1. Establishment.

The regulation, planning, acreage and control of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery upon and in streets, highways, public places, parks and parkways of the town, other than county parks and parkways, shall be managed by and under the control and the authority of a commission which shall be known as the “Shade Tree Commission of the Town of Phillipsburg” in accordance with the provisions of the enabling statutes of Title 40 of the Revised Statutes of the laws of the State of New Jersey.

54-A.5. Powers and duties. Said Commission shall possess and be vested under the law with the following powers:

A. To exercise full and exclusive control over the regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery now located or which may hereafter be planted in any public highway, park or parkway, except such as are excluded pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:64-1, including the planting, trimming, spraying, care and protection thereof.

B. To regulate and control the use of the ground surrounding the same, so far as may be necessary for their proper growth, care and protection.

C. To move or require the removal of any tree or part thereof dangerous to public safety.

D. To recommend to the Town Council the creation of, amendments to or repeal of ordinances adopted by the Town Council necessary or proper for carrying out the provisions hereof.

E. To study and recommend methods of funding, outside of municipal taxation, by grants and aid, both state and federal.

F. To develop a program of tree planting and overall beautification in areas along the public right-of-way and upon public property and to develop a master plan for the care and control of existing shade trees and ornamental trees and the planting of new trees throughout the town. Said survey and master plan shall be submitted to the Town Council for review and approval.

G. To provide a procedure for removing or trimming existing trees where necessary because the tree is wither dead, diseased or injured by storm or similar consequences.