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Rich Hay, Fire Chief

Physical Address:

441 Heckman St.
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: (908) 454-5502, Ext. 347

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120 Filmore St.
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: (908) 454-5502, Ext. 347


The history of organized fire protection in the Town of Phillipsburg dates to the year 1864. The Warren Fire Company was formed on August 8th of that year, with Isaac H. Hartpence as President. The company had a roster of 37 members and used a hand drawn engine purchased by the town.Their motto was “We Strive for the Good of All.” Click here for the complete and fascinating story of our history! 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Phillipsburg Fire Department to:

Provide for suppression and prevention of fire in order to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Town of Phillipsburg from its’ destructive forces. We shall strive to educate our citizenry to the dangers of fire. In addition we will support rescue and hazardous material operations, work in conjunction with all governmental agencies to provide disaster and terrorism response services, and pledge to do so with professionalism, dedication, determination and courage.

Phillipsburg Fire Department Today

Today the Phillipsburg Fire Department’s 110 volunteer firefighters operate five front line Pumpers, one 95ft. Tower Ladder Truck, two Command Vehicles, two Utility Vehicles, a Special Operations Trailer and a Rescue Boat out of five fire stations strategically located throughout the town. The fire department, in conjunction with the Mayor and Town Council, work constantly to upgrade our vehicles and equipment along with our fire stations.

All our members must complete a state mandated 128-hour basic fire course within one year of joining. In addition, all members are required to take extra specialized courses to constantly keep pace with new methods and procedures. Our firefighters also take part in departmental training on a weekly basis as well as train with the Emergency Squad, Mutual Aid fire departments and receive specialized HAZMAT training through the efforts of Mallinkrodt Baker Chemical Co.

The Fire Department is heavily involved in pre-planning the target hazards that exist in Phillipsburg. Advance planning for various emergencies allows the department officers to adjust fire responses to ensure that the amount and type of equipment, along with staffing levels are adequate to properly mitigate the incident. Target hazards include such sites as schools, nursing homes, hospitals and industrial sites, among others. 

In 1999, after an intensive evaluation, Phillipsburg was upgraded from an ISO Class 5 to a Class 3. Our overall points rating put us in the top ten percent of all volunteer fire departments in the State of New Jersey. It is of this that we are most proud.

Thus, as you can clearly see, the Phillipsburg Fire Department has indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 1864 with 37 firefighters and one hand drawn engine to the highly trained well-equipped firefighting force of today, capable of handling a wide array of emergency situations.

The Phillipsburg Fire Department is steeped in history and tradition, but we always look toward the future as we must remain on the cutting edge of the fire sciences so that we can provide the best possible fire protection to the people of Phillipsburg.

Past and present Phillipsburg Fire Department Chiefs: Click Here: PDF File

Incidents & Statistics

Click here to see the department’s statistical history since 1981: PDF File

Membership Information

How YOU can become one of us!

The Phillipsburg Fire Department is always seeking action oriented, community minded men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 to join our ranks. Accept our challenge and become a member of Warren County’s largest and busiest fire department. Applicants must be in good physical health and have a criminal background check. There are no application fees. We provide training and all needed equipment. It is a great way to meet new people and become involved in the community by performing the rewarding duties of a volunteer firefighter.

For more information, please contact the Fire Chief Richard Hay at 908-454-5500, extension 347 or by e-mail:

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