Animal Control

Animal Control Officer – Rob Lagonera

The Town of Phillipsburg has an Animal Control Officer who is available to pick up injured and stray animals by contacting the Police Department at 908-835-2002


Lets take a look at what we can do to help. Please keep your cats from roaming the neighborhood as per Phillipsburg code 172-41. This will help with the amount of injured or deceased cats and also help with the nuisance stray cat problem.  Keep dogs secure in yards and/or on leashes when outside as per Phillipsburg Code 172-31. Teach kids and alert visitors to watch out for your family pets when exiting the house or yards. Please license your dogs and cats as per Phillipsburg Code 172-14 and 172-38. Spay/neuter your pet to prevent the running instinct. Together we can make a difference for our pets!!!