ALL DOGS AND CATS (7 months or older) are required to be licensed. Dog / Cat licenses must be renewed during JANUARY annually. Licenses require Proof of Rabies Vaccination which MUST BE EFFECTIVE THRU NOVEMBER 1ST OF THE LICENSING YEAR. Dog / Cat licenses may be purchased in the Town Clerk’s Office or by mailing this application along with proof of rabies vaccination, stamped self addressed envelope and check/money order payable to the Town of Phillipsburg

Dog Cat license form


Dog Park Release of Liability Form

  • Park is open between 8 AM and sunset.
  • All dogs must display a valid dog license and Phillipsburg Dog Park pass.
  • All dogs and children must be accompanied by an adult eighteen  years or older. Children under ten are prohibited.
  • Small dog park is limited to dogs weighing 25lbs or lighter, large dog park is open to dogs of all sizes.
  • Dogs must remain on leash unless inside the gated area.
  • Limit of two dogs per adult. Limit of ten dogs inside the gated area reserved for large dogs. Limit of 5 dogs inside the gated area reserved for small dogs
  • No puppies under the age of four months are permitted in the enclosed areas.
  • Dogs in heat are not permitted in park.
  • No spiked, pronged or choke collars inside the dog park area.
  • No smoking, beverages, food or dog treats allowed in the dog park.
  • Handlers are required to pick up and dispose of dog waste both inside and outside the enclosed dog park area.
  • Owners use the dog park at their own risk. The Town of Phillipsburg is not responsible for the injury or illness to dogs or owners.
  • (Town of Phillipsburg Ordinance 422-17.1)


  • Permits are valid for any public parking lot owned and operated by the Town of Phillipsburg or for on street parking in any LEGALLY MARKED METERED PARKING SPOT in the Town of Phillipsburg.
  • Vehicles parked in any Town of Phillipsburg public parking lot or on street must be registered, insured, fully operable and able to be moved under their own power within 24 hours of any notice to vacate the spot due to emergent need by the Town of Phillipsburg.
  • Permits are valid for road-legal, registered, insured and operable vehicles only. Permits are not valid for trailers, construction equipment, or other non-road legal items.
  • For on street parking all parking regulations (ie: restricted hours, street cleaning rules, temporary parking restrictions due to utility work or special events, etc…) MUST BE OBSERVED! Failure to observe on street parking restrictions will result in a summons and/or towing.
  • Permit must be placed immediately above the state inspection sticker on the front windshield of the vehicle.
  • Permits purchased after January 1st will be pro-rated.
  • Permits expire December 31st with a 30 day grace period which extends into the subsequent year.
  • Applicants may drop off applications in person at the Clerk’s Office at 120 Filmore Street, 1st Floor, send in applications by U.S. Mail (ATTN: Clerk’s Office), or by email to



Bingo / Raffle procedure:

Every organization interested in conducting bingo or raffles or allow its members to assist a licensed affiliated organization, must first apply to the Legalized Games of Chance Commission ( for eligibility.  If the LGCCC determines that the applicant qualifies as a bona fide charitable, educational, religious, patriotic, public-spirited organization or senior citizen association or club it issues to it a registration certificate reflecting its identification number.

Once registered with the LGCCC, the organization must file a license application(s) for each separate type of game of chance it intends to conduct from the appropriate municipality where the games are to be held.  Upon doing so the organization must exhibit their original identification card to the municipal clerk when submitting their license application.

The Members in charge of conducting the games must submit to a background check by submitting the form located here: Criminal Records 212B ( Once the background check comes back clear then the organization can proceed to submit the bingo/raffle application to the municipal clerk.

The organization must complete and submit the bingo/raffle application no later than a month prior to the date of the event.  The application must first go before our Town Council; they meet the first and third Tuesday’s of the month.  Once approved by Town Council it will be mailed to LGCCC for their approval; which takes 15 days.

Please also note that the Clerk’s Office cannot notarize the Bingo/Raffle License applications.  The application must be complete, contain the organization’s registration number and be notarized.  If it is not submitted in the appropriate way it may be rejected and delay receiving the license in time for your event.


Autocab;  Limousine:  Livery –  Includes any automobile or motor car with a carrying capacity of not more than nine passengers, not including the driver, used in the business of carrying passengers for hire, which is held out, announced or advertised to operate or run or which is operated or run over any of the streets of public highways of  the state and which is hired by charter or for a particular contract or by the day or hour or other fixed period or to transport passengers to a specified place or places or which charges a fare or price agreed upon in advance between the operator and the passenger. Nothing in this definition contained shall be construed to include taxicabs, hotels or buses.    Taxi Application 2020

Taxicab – Any vehicle used to carry passengers for hire but not operating on a fixed route.

It shall be unlawful to engage in the business of operating a taxicab/limousine in the Town of Phillipsburg without having secured a license therefor. Application for such license shall be made in writing to the Municipal Clerk.

Additional information on how to apply and the necessary fees can be found at under Chapter 575: Taxicabs.


Yard Sale – Any sale of used merchandise not conducted as part of a continuing business venture. The term “yard sale shall include all types of sales, such as but not limited to “yard sales,” “lawn sales,” “attic sales,” “rummage sales,” “garage sales” or “flea market sales.”

Permit Required – No person shall conduct a yard sale within the Town of Phillipsburg without first filing with the Town Clerk the information required by 470-3 hereof and obtaining a yard sale permit from said Clerk. A yard sale permit costs $6/ day, not to exceed three consecutive calendar days and not to be held more than twice a year. This does not include the Town-wide sale, which shall be conducted the first Saturday in June and does not require a fee.

A yard sale permit must be prominently displayed throughout the entire period of the sale. All yard sales shall be conducted between the hours of 9:00 AM and dusk only.

Yard Sales are not to be conducted on Housing Authority Property. For the public’s information Heckman Terrace Annex, known as “new project” and includes all of Elm Ave., 542 thru 624 Green St., 500 thru 557 Roseberry St., 557 thru 579 Walnut St; odd numbers only and all surrounding grounds. Heckman Terrace, known as “old project” and includes all Fisher Ave., Watson Pl., Kneedler Ave., 440 thru 566 Heckman St., even numbers only, 408 thru 454 Roseberry St.; even numbers only, 461 thru 528 Anderson St. and all surrounding grounds.

Additional information can be found under Article 1 Yard Sales (Adopted 8-28-1979 by Ord. No. O:79-24 (Ch. 50A, Art. 1 of the 1969 Code) General Code.